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We engineer firearm accessories with innovative solutions
that have practical, end-use applications.  

We are dedicated to a military/LE product integration concept.

We develop products for safety conscious individuals.

Product guarantees: Formidable Ballistics provides a 30-day money back guarantee on all its products.  Formidable Ballistics makes no further product guarantees unless otherwise stated directly by Formidable Ballistics.  Formidable Ballistics is not responsible for supplementary product guarantees concerning products presented on the other corporate websites, or presented in other corporate product literature or advertisements.   
Liability: Formidable Ballistics (FB) is not liable for any misuse of this product which is, or is not, represented in this or other Formidable Ballistic LLC publications. By purchasing and/or using an FB product, it is recognized by the end user that firearm safety is an individual responsibility. If this product is not functioning properly, stop its use immediately. Replacement of any or all components may be necessary. 
Limitation of Liability:  By purchasing the product, the purchaser agrees that Formidable Ballistics is not liable for any damages, injuries, or otherwise, from the misuse, incorrect product deployment, mishandling, or otherwise, concerning the use of these products or components. 
Formidable Ballistics ‘Fb’ logo and content are registered trademarks of Formidable Ballistics LLC, to include certain sight content on or Other products presented on aforementioned products or websites are the trademarks of their respective owners, and are not intended to imply any endorsement or affiliation between Formidable Ballistics.

Written guarantees: Formidable Ballistics does not make or imply any guarantee concerning the accuracy of information provided. However, information which is provided is regularly vetted.